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    At the University of Herfordshire in the UK.

    I have ran the idea past one or two lectures, and they say it sounds cool and interesting but can't provide information on how good the project would be because they don't know the details of VoIP.

    Currently on placement at the moment which makes it really hard to sit down and speak to anyone at the Uni. Plus I think all the lectures are off for Easter. Out of the lectures I respect, I emailed one who said the above comment, one is a linux/C++ guru who is cool! and would be a great supervisor however is completely anti-microsoft and wouldnt allow me to do it in C# (and no way i'm doing it in java, C++ might be cool tho if not hard).

    Another one I haven't spoke to for a while, but had him in my first year and was really really good lecturer, signed up for his networking module in my final year so I will drop him a email, see what he says and if I could arrange a meeting with him. I don't know how the uni assigns lectures -> students, think its luck of the draw Sad

    I think the project I would do would only be the SIP (and combined Skype) Client so it would use the protocol required for the end user - don't know how do-able that is tho - sounds cool. Means I would just use a SIP server off the shelf - like Asterix. (is exchange 12 a sip server??)

    Thanks for your reply tho.