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    Cool mate!! (stole my idea tho! Tongue Out)

    Yes mate on placement at the moment in WGC so last year would have been in your year.

    I did do group SSD2 coursework, well if you call it group and if you call it work...... hated SSD2 but from placement I am looking at it in a different light and so doing FOOD next year.

    It would be cool if you dropped me a email (address in profile), would be great to pick your brain about certain topics - your the only person I know doing more than a half decent project.....  Good to see C9'ers from the uni here Big Smile

    So as your the person in the know at the moment.  What do you recommend looking for in a final year project?
    The guided ones are not even worth looking at for a actual project, I am going for a first and you aren't going to get that with them.....unless ... no don't think you would

    How did the uni/tutor take to your VoIP project?  Who is your tutor at the moment?

    Good to see you mate, Ben