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IE animation on a dead page

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    I have a search page that posts to a results page.

    Sometimes the results page takes a while to load.

    So I requisitioned an animated GIF, whipped up some text animation javascript, and put an onsubmit event for the form that would show a nifty little "your search is processing" animation with text and graphics.

    It works great.

    Except in IE.

    In IE, the animated GIF refuses to animate, while the text animates fine.

    I can't decide whether this is really a "bug" though.  Is it reasonable to expect an image to continue animating while another page is loading?

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    In IE you need to set the src attr on an element after the form has been submitted, as in ..

    setTimeout( 'someimage.src="urltoimage"', 200);

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    Interesting.  I'll try that.

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    Works great!  Thanks for the tip.

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     Interesting. Thanks for the tip.

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    Good timing, I need that for a project too Smiley

    Does IE7 stop animations when a form is submitted as well? Wonder if it's a bug or a feature...

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