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How to update master / detail records in 2005

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    iam new to 2005 i want to update master / detail in 2005

    pls give ur suggestions

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    Define "master" and "detail".

    I think I remember those terms from Dreamweaver's poor data abstraction wizards. Please don't tell me you're moving over from Dreamweaver, because if so you can kiss wizards and "designers" goodbye, welcome to the real world.

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    i will explain

    Master Table Name : Collection

    Collect_Id    (Primary Key)
    RefNo                                        TextBox
    Date                                          TextBox
    Employee_Id                              Combobox
    Area_Id                                       Combobox

    Detail Table Name : Collection_Detail

    Collect_Id      (Foreign Key)
    LoanNo       Combobox in grid
    Amount        textbox  in grid

    iam using grid for detail

    i want to update these details

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