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how to change my virtual directory's properties, and find its index

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    I'm trying to write permission to my web directory resides on the host machine, do some work and then set write permission false. I find some code like the following but it doesn't work, and by the way I don't know hot to find index of my virtual directory. If I write for the variable "siteIndex", it doesn't work, too.


    using Microsoft.WindowsMediaServices.Interop;

    using System.Management;

    using interop_msxml;


    string strServerName = Server.Name;

    ConnectionOptions options = new ConnectionOptions();

    ManagementScope scope = new ManagementScope ("\\\\" + strServerName + "\\root\\MicrosoftIISV2", options);

    string wmiPath = "IIsWebDirectorySetting='W3SVC/" + siteIndex + "/root/" + path + "'";

    ManagementObject iisVDir = new ManagementObject(scope, new ManagementPath(wmiPath), null);

    iisVDir.SetPropertyValue("AccessWrite", true);


    //do some work

    iisVDir.SetPropertyValue("AccessWrite", false);

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