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System.web.caching in a windows app

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    I'm currently writing a windows forms app that uses a web service asd the source of it's data. Obviously I dont want to just use the web service to read data as it's requested, but I'd like to read ahead in order to increase performance. To do this I figure I need a cache in my windows app, which leads to the question of whether I can use the system.web.caching classes to do this, or should I have write my own cache based around a hash table?

    According to this article you need to start the HTTP Runtime to use the cache - to me this doesn't sound good on a windows app.

    Has anyone ever used the web cache in a windows app and avoided any problems? Is it a safe thing to do?

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    What Web.Cache will give you is a time-to-live feature. Do you need something like that? Your description implies otherwise, IMO. It sounds to me like you should just go ahead and read ahead and store your data in a que (if order is important) or a hash (if it's not).

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