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Tooltip when using custom painting on form

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    I'm having a little problem.
    I have a form that I manually paint something on, by using the Paint event.
    I want to be able to show a tooltip when I move the mouse over a certain section, so I have implemented the MouseMove section, and that works fine.

    The problem is, that when the tooltip is displayed, the form is invalidated, and the custom painting gets drawn again, on top of the tooltip, which makes it disappear.

    So, is there a way to use tooltips when painting directly on the surface?

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    I think Tooltips are drawn to their own window rather than painted on an existing window (otherwise they don't show when they extend outside the bounds of the window)

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    hmm, okay, but that doesn't explain why it does behave this way.
    Should I create a test projekt that demonstrate the problem, and upload it, might be easier to find the problem then?

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