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Heloooow... This is my last resort.... TreeView HELL!!!

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    Hi all,

    This is my first posting... so this is where I stand up and say.. "Hi, my name is Rudi Groenewald...and I'm an addict"

    And everyone said.....

    Anyways... I think I have posted my problem to 10 different forums, but either no one know's, or everyone is playing with by not replying Tongue Out

    This is my problem...

    In my asp.net2 site, I want to add 3 columns to my treeview control... and in each column it needs a checkbox.....   So... in my treeview control, 4 columns... and each node's got checkboxes in them....

    Any ideas?  I am ready to go pshyco...

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    Treeview is a basic control, it does not support columns out of the box. You can inherit and derive your own control for it, or just buy something that already does that.

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