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Opening Files in TS

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    Hi all,

    I have 2 servers both running Server 2K3 Standard with latest
    hotfix/services packs.

    One server hosts our network drive, where as the other is a Terminal Server.
    We have users dial in to the TS to run various files and programs.

    If I were to open a MS Access database (Office 11 latest updates) from a
    client PC (XPP SP2) in the building from Windows Explorer the db will open up
    and run as expected. If I were to stay in the db and open up the same db from
    the TS via a remote user (XPP SP2) through Windows Explorer the db will not
    open, unless I open MS Access first and select File > Open to navigate to the
    db. From there it will work as normal.

    All client PCs are setup in the same way XPP SP2 with Office 2003, all the
    latests updates. This only happens to users logging on the the Terminal
    Server to run dbs that are open by another user.

    Does anyone have any ideas why this maybe?

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