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Binding TextBlock with KeyDown event

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    i am using textblock for capturing input from keyboard, but problem is how do i refresh its content, i am doing the way given below, but then it doesnot works for space, enter or any other sytemkey, how do i go about it?

    TextBlock tb

    KeyDown event of windows:
    tb.Text = tb.Text + e.Key.ToString();

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    This should work. Doing it on the KeyDown event however would need more code to format it with correct placing and etc but a minimilized version would be. Also note I am using a TextBox and not a TextBlock?

                TextBox TextBlock = sender as TextBox;
                TextBlock.Text +=  System.Convert.ToChar(e.KeyValue);
                TextBlock.SelectionStart = TextBlock.Text.Length;

    The last line simply moves to caret to the end of the textbox.

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    After a bit of fluffing about I got this code snippet to cover 'most' keys. You'd have to do some bizarre state handling to determine if the shift key is pressed down to convert the alpha to lower or upper I guess, and this doesn't handle special characters (%£"$';,. etc).

                if (e.Key >= Key.A && e.Key <= Key.Z)
                    TextBlock1.Text += e.Key.ToString();
                else if (e.Key >= Key.D0 && e.Key <= Key.D9)
                    TextBlock1.Text += e.Key.ToString().Remove(0, 1);
                else if (e.Key == Key.Space)
                    TextBlock1.Text += " ";
                else if (e.Key == Key.Return)
                    TextBlock1.Text += (char)13;

                e.Handled = true;

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    i think this works fine.. but how to control shift + key or control + shift combinations..

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    I think that KeyEventArgs.Modifiers is what you are looking for.

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