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Need help using CreateParams()

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       I'm trying use the override, CreateParams(), to drop a shadow on my form... but my form is created through a class during run time. I can't figure out how to get the CreateParams() function to affect the form being created... any ideas? Heres the error it makes.

    Error 1 'CustomToolTip.ToolTipForm.CreateParams': no suitable method found to override ...\Main.cs 169 41 CustomToolTip

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    Form.CreateParams is a property, not a method.

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    protected override CreateParams CreateParams {
    get {
       CreateParams parameters = base.CreateParams;
       parameters.ClassStyle = (parameters.ClassStyle | CS_DROPSHADOW);
       return parameters;

    What about if thats my code? How would I set that to the created form?

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    That should work if you add it to the ToolTipForm class.

    Edit: if you do not have the source to the ToolTipForm class your going to have to create a class that inherits from it and provides the functionality of the code above.  

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