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Exposing Data to Crystal Reports

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    First off, I'm fairly unfamiliar with Crystal Reports.  I've never used the tool in any shape or form (as far as I know).

    I have a number-crunching application that currently stores none of its data in a database.  The data is actually stored in memory and serialized to flat files.  (There is a good reason for this, actually.)

    Now I have a client who uses the application who wants me to expose some of the data to Crystal Reports.  How could I accomplish this?  Could I simply publish XML feeds with the critical data?

    I guess my main obstacle is understanding how data connectivity works in Crystal Reports.  I have read the marketing mush on the Crystal Reports website, but I still don't feel confident that I'm going about this in the right way.

    A few details about the application:
    - It's a hosted solution, so real-time access would presumably occur over TCP/IP.
    - Written in C# on .NET 2.0.


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    Dr Herbie

    One solution would be to manually create a DataSet object, add a table with all the fields your report needs and manually load it. 
    You should then be able to call ReportDocument.SetDataSource and give it the DataSet.


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    I don't want to create the actual report.  Ideally, I'd have the application hosted somewhere, and my client could actually go into Crystal Reports and select my datasource and do as they please.  Is what you described still applicable?

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    I have made out with Crystal and we used the Crystal developer to to connect to a datasource and then build the report. All of our datasources were to a db that was to a stored procedures. As luck would have it I will be working with this next week Smiley. What kind of datasource do you want the cilent to connect to?

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    harumscarum wrote:
    What kind of datasource do you want the cilent to connect to?

    I guess that's what I'm unsure of.  What are my options?  Database?  XML?  Custom business objects?

    For the internal purposes of the app, no database is needed.  However, if this is the easiest way to expose things for Crystal, then that would be an option.

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    You said this was going to be a hosted solution, what kind of access to the sever does the client have?  VPN, HTTP only etc...

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    They would probably only have HTTP access.   Although we could consider opening up other types of access if it made sense.

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