bob53050 wrote:
W3bbo wrote:NDoc, there's an add-on so it works with VBC.

Based on what I am seeing on that website, it doesn't currently support VB.Net 2.0 Sad

The last I knew there is a version that supports .net 2.0 with a couple of exceptions:
  • You can't document anything to do with generics yet.
  • The links to BCL classes in the documentation are broken.
From recent ndoc-users mailing list discussions there appear to be several forked builds that fix these issues.

Oh, and if you take a look at the NDoc website then be warned that the Wiki about .net 2.0 support has been broken for months.

EDIT: You can get the NDoc Wiki entry about .net 2.0 support from Google's cache:

Also, see:

which is a blog entry made by somebody that's been working on one of the forks I mentioned above.