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Graceful way to validate user login to SQL Server 2000 and 2005

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      Trying to open a SqlConnection in a try..catch block and capturing the SqlException if the login fails is a way to validate sql login. The problem with this method that we're running into is that the SqlConnection object is pooled. That is, if I change password for a sql login then we've run into a scenario where the both the old and the new password allow us to connect to the database. This is bad.

    Is there a more graceful method of validating login on both sql 2000/2005?


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    ADO.NET has pooling turned on by default... You have to disable this feature.

    SO in essence you have your connection being pooled so your old login is still there in a sense.

    Check on Connection Pooling on MSDN.

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        Yes, after I set the Pooling = false on the connection string, the problem was resolved. Thanks!

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