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    I'm trying to use Microsoft's XP RAM disk driver, but Microsoft doesn't appear to have documented it in XP's help, Knowledge base, or TechNet.  So you didn't know Microsoft supplied a RAM disk driver with XP?  Go to Control Panel, Add Hardware:

    1) click next
    2) select "Yes", click next
    3) scroll to the bottom, select "Add a new hardware device", click next
    4) select "Install the hardware from list", click next
    5) select "Show all devices", click next
    6) scroll down the "Manufacturer" list and select "Microsoft"
    7) scroll down the "Model" list and select "Microsoft Ram Disk Controller"
    8) click next and it should install

    I'm assuming that you also need to install the "Microsoft Ram Disk Device (volume)" after you install the controller.  This probably lets you have multiple RAM disks, but this is just a theory.  I'm surprised that Microsoft doesn't bother to document their own driver that ship with their OS.  After I installed both of these devices, nothing shows up in the Control Panel or on the property pages for the devices in Device Manager.  So I'm not sure how to configure what drive letter I wish to use or the size of the RAM disk.

    Does anyone out there know about these devices, how they are configured and any limitations?  Please don't tell me to use this or that third party RAM disk application.  I'm specifically interested in find out information about Microsoft's device driver.

    Hey Microsoft, if you are listening, how about a KB or HowTo article on this one.  You could also put this on one of your Administrator certification tests and probably stump everyone taking it...