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View Thread: Microsoft's XP RAM Disk Driver
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    Beam me up Scottie!  I'm engaging the Ram-Drive.  Here is the Scenario:

    My System: ASUS P7P55 WS Supercomputer; which comes with a nifty UNIX Style Hardware CMOS level OS that can boot, they also release the source code,  Booting to the UNIX shell is about 2 sec, and has it's code on the hardware, and a USB drive.  So here is the bridge to build:

    Load the UNIX bootstrapper

    The Unix Shell finds the Win OS Boot Strapper on the USB drive and Ramdrives it

    After modifying the sourcer code for the UNIX Shell, add a new Hyper-V Load of the Windows OS.

    Click on the Load Windows Os icon

    Windows Boot traps just like usual but from a ramdrive. (My case just 8Gb.)


    Gets tricky here


    To keep the Win OS alive after bootstrapping, relocate the pointer(S) to the System volume from Memory to The loaded OS, and unload all boot strappers, and update the USB device with any bootstrapping updates for future loading or quick short cut:

    Wite a device driver that replaces the System Sleep and Hybernate to copy the hybernation image to the USB drive, and then 'Wake' from USB storage.  Luke-skywalker-warm boot


    There are many other feaseable ideas, my current work is using the Video memory of GPU's to really load things faster, and replace much of the OS processing time by preprocessing it on GPU's and then sending the Stuff CSCI chips are made of to the CPU and just process the preprocessed streams of data from the GPU's.  (This work is a few years in the making, and about a year off)