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View Thread: Microsoft's XP RAM Disk Driver
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    , hachi wrote

    the thing is, here's what i found, look at under the 'Extended Memory Access' feature, it states clearly it can break beyond the 3.25 Limit by 32bit XP... that is why i was questioning this. Because it seems logical if it indeed can use this unmanaged RAM so it won't actually eat into the original 3.25 used by the OS itself, i already understood that traditionally, RAM DISKS don't function that way, but this software made me 2nd guess that

    The problem isn't the OS having a hard-coded limit that a driver can just ignore. The problem is that the CPU can't address that much memory - so if that company says they can break it they're either:

    a) Lying.

    b) Using device-specific or x64 features to access beyond that limit, but this slows the machine down more than just running your OS permanently in x64-mode - i.e. a x64 OS would be faster.

    If you don't mind me saying, it seems like you're approaching this from the wrong direction. Why are you using Windows-XP 32-bit? Any x64 OS doesn't have these limits right from the start, and x64 Windows will seamlessly run your 32-bit apps from previous versions of Windows, so your upgrade path should be pretty easy.

    Even if you're one of the people who really hates upgrading beyond XP, you could just use XP-64 with all of its blue-windowed goodness and and without the 3.25GB physical RAM limitation.