Never advise anyone to switch to XP 64bit.  Just avoid that. XP 32bit, Server, Win7, Linux Mint LXDE, but not XP64. That OS is like an Abandonware poster-child.

Also...  Has it occured to you that millions of people are still using 32bit hardware?  Look at the date on this message, scary isn't it?  But it's true.

Back to topic:  I found (& Necrobumped) this because I am interested in establishing a RAM-drive for security and also because the Win8 USB system degrades heavily when running from non-USB3.0 devices.  I may try a Bart PE, Win PE, or Tiny XP distro booted from USB to RAMdrive next.

It's a recovery thing.  Linux is great, but sometimes XP would be better and current USB distros I've found rely completely on USB flash.