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View Thread: Microsoft's XP RAM Disk Driver
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    Several weeks ago I 'stumbled' across the 'Windows Ram Disk Contoller' and 'Windows Ram Disk Device (volume)'. I had just installed XP SP2 (on XP Pro) and was curious if somehow the Ram Disk was part of the SP2 transmittal as I had never 'noticed' them before.

    I then Googled the quoted items and found your post here on Channel9.

    I add my voice to question why a description of this capability doesnt appear (easily or otherwise) in the massive Microsoft literature. Can anybody out there shed any light on these two drivers and how to configure them for use by applications ?

    I have used some of the freeware/shareware ramdisks 'floating' around the internet but am loathe to 'trust' them much.

    Larry Martin