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    sorry that i'm a total noob in this matter, but I too was googling about this because I have a very old system and wanted to see what I can do to gain some performance. I have read and realize the points made here, but what if i have this scenario? will i gain any performance boost?

    I am running Windows XP 32bit, but I have always had 8GB of physical RAM installed on the MB, however, my XP only recognizes 3.25 GB at max, in other words, I have 4.75 of unused and unmanaged memory by the OS (assuming this knowledge of mine is correct?) I read up in another article that there are RAM DISK programs, that will enable you to allocate the unused portion of this physical RAM into a virtual drive under XP.

    now the question is. If i then disable all pagefile on my regular HDD and allocate the paging file entirely onto the RAMDISK (that uses the unused physical RAM), will i then gain a performance increase?