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    I am just wondering how people here do AJAX. Do you use a library, such as prototype.js? If so, do you write the javascript code to access the .js page right in the <head> tag? Finally, do you use real XML or is it more of a "AJAH" solution with raw HTML returned?



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    The only production stuff I have done, I hand coded it and I tend to use JSON not XML.

    I have been playing with Microsofts ATLAS and it rocks, but of course I wont go production with it util it is out of beta.


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    Sven Groot

    I have played with Atlas and it's quite frankly overkill for me. Plus it generated some horrible looking HTML and I like to keep my sites valid XHTML1.1.

    In the end, I developed my own little ajax library. It consists of two parts: a javascript implementation of a very limited subset of XPath (to make dealing with XML in a cross-browser fashion slightly easier) and an ajax library that provides objects that allow me access SOAP 1.1 Web Services (I'd use SOAP 1.2 but that uses the application/soap+xml mime-type, and most browsers' XMLHTTPRequest objects refuse to return the result as XML if the returned type isn't text/xml, there's usually workarounds for that but of course they're completely different for each browser).

    You can see my library in action at (the comments and the calendar).

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