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problems using resources in wpf-winfx

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    i am using resources in stringresources.xaml

    ResourceDictionary xmlns="">"


    sys:String x:Key="StringOne">This is the first string</sys:String>

    and made changes to application file as:

    <Application x:Class="locRes1.MyApp"xmlns="">"



    <ResourceDictionary><ResourceDictionary.MergedDictionaries><ResourceDictionary Source="StringResources.xaml" /></ResourceDictionary.MergedDictionaries>




    and written following code to retreive the resource:

    button1 = new Button();
    button1.Style = style1;
    String str1 = (String)Application.Current.FindResource("StringOne");
    button1.Content = str1;
    button1.Height = 60;
    button1.Width = 250;

    its working fine, but problem is if i try to add resources to "StringResources.xaml" throgh:

    ResourceDictionary rd=new ResourceDictionary();
    "str", "abc"); Application.Current.Resources.MergedDictionaries.Add(rd);

    m not able to write or add resources into it. 

    please guide
    how to add resource to an existing xaml file programatically

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