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Using SVN with ASP .Net 2.0 projects

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    The new solutions/projects for .Net 2.0 ASP sites have the .aspx and .vb pages in my wwwroot\projectname folder. But it also creates a folder in My Docs\VS 2005\ProjectName.

    With .Net 1.1 we used SVN with no problem, by storing the project folder in the wwwroot folder. But the .sln and .vbproj files were in there too.

    Has anybody else used SVN w/ ASP .Net 2.0 projects, and if so, what procedures have you found useful?

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    I have never understood and I never understand why they put the solution file in another directory. I'm usually taking it from that dir, copying to the directory of my website and opening it with notepad and fixing the directories manually.

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