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Sony Vaio RAM

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    I have a sony vaio FS285E and plan on upgrading the RAM from 512MB to 1024MB so my computer is as fast as it can be. I have two questions:

    1) Will it seriously boost general computer speed?

    2) Is it worth doing if I only use the internet & MSN?


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    If you don't use any "real" programs, 512MB is more than enough.

    If you're playing any modern games, get at least a gigabyte of the stuff. Little warning though, laptop RAM can and does cost more than desktop RAM.

    I've got 2 gigs of the stuff on my desktop and since having 1GB I haven't noticed any major improvements between 90% of the things I do, but I can keep more "heavy" programs open without waiting for some disk paging.

    My Sony Vaio has a gigabyte of RAM already and it's speedy enough, but my TabletPC (a Tecra M4 "6200") has 512MB and I can feel the pinch when alt-tabbing between apps.

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    Try defragging your hard drive first.

    Right click "My Computer" and choose manage. Run the defrag utility at least once a month.

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