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Grand Totals and filtering

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    Here's a simple example from Adventure Works that shows a problem which I don't think can be considered a feature:

    - Open AdventureWorks cube in the cube browser.

    - Drag and drop 'Reseller Order quantity' measure from "Reseller Sales" folder to details field in the pivot table. The result is 214378

    - Expand "Reseller" dimension and drop Reseller attribute to Rows
    field. Now you can see a list of resellers with their order quantoties
    and the grand total equal to 214378. So far so good

    - Drag "Reseller Type" hierarchy from the same "Reseller" dimension and drop it to the "Drop Filter Fields Here" field in the pivot table.
    Nothing changed.

    - And now it becomes interesting. Expand "Reseller type" in the filter. Unselect "All". Expand "Specialty Bike Shop" type and select "A Great Bicycle Company" only. Click OK

    Now the pivot table shows 1 reseller with Reseller Order Quantity equal to 21 AND GRAND TOTAL equal to 214378.

    If you remove the Reseller Type hierarchy from the filter field of the
    pivot table and use Filter Pane instead you'll get what you'd expect to get: GRAND TOTAL equal to 21.

    It wouldn't be such a huge deal if Excel pivot table had this Filter
    Pane as well. But it doesn't and ProClarity is not an option in my

    Can somebody explain this behavior please?


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