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    Hey, first post, so if you flame me, ill be scarred for life. In table tennis, it tells you how you can "improve the game". no matter what i try, and how many tuts i read, i cant find how to:

  • Add a start up splash screen that allows the player to choose between one and 2 players
  • Add an additional bat for each player by creating an extra picture box then creating additional Bat objects.
  • Add multiple balls. The game play will need to change a little. For example do you still want to pause the game when a point is scored or should you just score the point and make a new ball appear?
  • Since the sprites are just picture boxes you can set the background image property to give the game a whole new look and feel. Remember that the collision detection is done based on the rectangular shape of the picture box so if the image does not fill the picture box it might look odd when the ball bounces.

    im more of a "oooooh, so thats how that works" learner, so if someone can tell me what code, and where to put it, it will help me a lot. thanks in advance. i hope this is the right forum......

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