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View Thread: Two WPF questions, Images and Labels
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    Pon wrote:
    I'll ask the Image quesiton first:
    How does one set an individual pixel on an image? I know one has to create a BitmapSource, but I don't know what to do from there. I need this to be as quick as possible; it's for a software 3d engine Tongue Out

    I've posted a sample in the following MSDN WPF forum thread on how to manipulate pixels in WPF (with a bit of WPF/GDI+ interop code):

    Pon wrote:

    Second, how do you create a hyperlink in a label that responds to events? I'm sure you all know what I mean, but I can't explain it well lol.

    Hyperlink is "navigation service" aware, which means it can work properly as you expect in navigation application(using NavigationWindow, Frame which can provide navigation service).

    In standalone non-navigation application, you can hook up to its Click event, and implement the navigation logic there.

    PS: If you have any more question on WPF, you can ask questions in MSDN WPF Forum.

    I am moderator there, and will always be ready to help:)