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View Thread: Share point portal and Infopath problem, any ideas?
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    We are running an Enterprise Application from an application server running Windows Server 003.  We have set up a Share Portal Service form library to manage the Microsoft Infopath forms.  Once I published the forms to the form library and configured the template file (xml) in Sharepoint, I pushed the fill out form button in the team site.  Subsequently the form should open Infopath and it does attempt but then an error pops up in Infopath stating:

    Infopath cannot creat a blank form infopath cannot open the form. To fix this problem, contact your system administrator

    Form template: urn:Contoso:ED:Schemas:EDNursingRecord
    The updated form template uses the URN


    gRecord, but InfoPath expects the following URN: urn:Contoso:ED:Schemas:EDNursingRecord