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Cannot Create AvtiveX component

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    I am writing an event management website for my company and keep hitting my head off a brick wall!

    I am using VS2005 (Visual Web Dev & vbscript) to create a page that takes data such as dates,times and ad-hoc requests and creates a wordfile and is sent to the required users as an attachment (using Outlook 2003 exchange server). This is working fine on both my localhost and the server.

    Next I want to send a meeting request/calendar entry to the required users. This is working fine on my localhost but when deployed on the server (IIS 6.0) I keep getting the following error
    System.Exception: Cannot create ActiveX component
    Line 219: objOExp = CreateObject("Outlook.Application")

    I have allowed permissions on system32 & Office11 folders, the correct .dlls are present but it still persists!
    Any help would be appreciated

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