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PropertyPages for .NET based ActiveX

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    Hi all,

    I implemented a .NET Windows Forms User control that should be used e.g. in Powerpoint 2003. In order to be able to set the properties of the control in Powerpoint I implemented property pages. I ComImport-ed the itnerfaces ISpecifyPropertypages, IPropertyPageSite and IPropertyPage. After that I implemented the property pages and they are working quite well. I can access them  using the Powerpoint property window, selecting the "Custom" entry and press the "..."-Button (Try it and you will see what I mean with "Custom" and "..."). But I do not get a context menu item in powerpoint that directly links to the property pages. MFC or Delphi based ActiveX controls do have such a context menu item. Has anyone tried to provide property pages for .NET user controls that are exposed to COM? And did anyone of them who tried this get the mentiooned context menĂ¼ within an Office Application like Powerpoint or Word or Excel?

    Thanks in advance,


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