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Secure Coding

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    Evening C9'ers

    So I am wondering, with C++ security was a big issue which we are all well aware of.

    With .net, I understand that it's secure out of the box.  But is it??

    Can pure, safe C# still get hacked??

    I know applications can still get hacked (bad security/validation model) but is secure coding still an issue??

    For example, should a C#/ developer read the Secure Coding book (Recommended MSPress)?

    Your thoughts would be great!!!



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    Language can help with security, but the skill of the coder is all important.  If you take unclean user input and just throw it at a SQL database, or something, it will be a disaster.  No language is 100% safe, thankfully.

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    ben2004uk wrote:

    Can pure, safe C# still get hacked??

    This is quite amusing

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    yeah I was in his sesssion at DDD3.  Really good session, but isn't he using interop to do most of that?? Like the buffer overflow is actually in C++ and not C#.

    The only bit I could see which is a problem with C# is reflection and all the things which come from that (like enabling buttons when you shouldnt be able to), which is more down to poor design than the language.

    I do admit, secure coding is on my to do list of things to learn so I could be way off.

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