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Dealing with the pointy-headed boss

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    My boss sent this email out to the dev team. It seems a bit draconian to me, and quite would you respond?

    I’d like to make one thing very clear.  Nobody should be writing code without a plan.  This means written documentation (usually a design document) on what is to be done including but not limited to system and component description, test cases, programming interfaces and use cases where appropriate; what is to be done and why it is going to be done.

    The design should be reviewed as appropriate: in a meeting and/or by your peers, by architecture and by [John Doe] or me.  Before you complete the document(s) it/they should be re-read for coherence and checked for errors.  Don’t think about the minimum you can get away with but instead what you’d want to see if someone else was writing.

    In no uncertain terms, I don’t want to find anyone coding before design has been done – this implies that if there is more than one person on a project that all of the design must be coordinated and complete.  If there are any exceptions to this they must be approved by [John Doe] or me respectively.

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    I wish I had your problem. My dealines are soo tight I barely have time to test, let alone plan and design.

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    actually your boss is right!

    writing code without a plan is like sailing the seas without map. It wastes time, energy and money.

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    This topic was double-posted. Most of the replies are on this thread.

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