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How to Set MultiValue Parameters with ReportingServiceExecution

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    I need to send a multivalue parameter, any ideas?? this is the code that I actually have,

    the full post is here

    StringBuilder selectected = new StringBuilder();

    int TiposCompetenciasSeleccionadas = 0;

    ArrayList al = new ArrayList();

    for (int i = 0; i < CheckBoxList1.Items.Count; i++)


    if (CheckBoxList1.ItemsIdea.Selected)








    ParameterValue[] parametros = new ParameterValue[2 + TiposCompetenciasSeleccionadas] { pNmEmpresa, pNmCiclo };


    for (int i = 0; i < parametros.Length; i++)


    parametros[i+2].Name ="NmTipoCompetencia";

    parametros[i+2].Value = al[i];




    string[] nmtiposcompetencia = selectected.ToString().Split(new char[] { ',' });



    rs.SetExecutionParameters(parametros, null);

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