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How much of WPF is hardware accellerated?

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    I've been trying out the WinFX betas, and have been very impressed with all the effects made available by WPF. I've also experimented with the nvidia drivers to see what a difference having DX9 hardware has to the speed of WPF content rendering. In software mode, it's pretty slow, but on hardware, its extremely fast, and this is with a GF FX5200.

    My question is, really one out of pure interest..

    Which parts of WPF are acellerated by DX9 hardware?
    The only info i have is that DX10 (WGF 2.0) will put the whole text rendering pipeline into hardware.

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        What I know is that per pixel alpha rendering is still done in software mode, and the window chrome is still rendered in GDI for backward compability, but some say that On Vista, all WPF rendering is hardware accelerated given that you won't use any feature that is only supported in software mode (aka per pxiel alpha channel support).


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