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    Using Tiny Tennis


    Does it get any better then a Pong simulation?  

    Check out these simple but fun games (including the Crusader, etc.) at:, you will have to have:

    Live ID

    Hotmail Passport

    Download VB or C# Express, or both! (You can download VC++ as well, and while you are at it, have them download SQL Express, more on that later.)


    Things the two *.htm files don’t tell you about Tiny Tennis:


    There are two *.htm files that explain Tiny Tennis and game concepts, but there are a few things that are not discussed.  The question: “So what is Tiny Tennis?” is answered.  What isn’t answered is that it is a game that is downloaded as a TEMPLATE for use in C# Express or VB Express.


    I downloaded the files and put the extracted zip files in the *.VSI file in a folder that I wanted.  Now the game doesn’t work.


    Ok smarty pants, you are right, it doesn’t work.  The project type that the Arcade games are posted as are templates, this confused me the first time as well.  If you attempt to open the file directly using the project file or something that works normally, then you are faced with the evil message of some sort.


    When it is downloaded and allowed to expand exactly as the zip attempts to put it in the correct folder, then it appears as a template file in Visual Studio Express, Professional, VSTS and so forth.  That folder is often at the following location:


    …\My Documents\Visual Studio 2005\Templates\ProjectTemplates\Visual C#


    …\My Documents\Visual Studio 2005\Templates\ProjectTemplates\Visual Basic

    There are other secrets that Microsoft is keeping from you as well, like why did they pick channel 9?  I would like to know.