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IDE Icons

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    The icons in the express IDE's are really nice. I was wondering if anyone happened to know the location of these guys.
    And on that same note, would it be possible to use these icons in our software for the competition?

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    Like most grapical resources they're probably compiled in the exe or a dll.  To get them out you can use a tool I've used called 123IconHunter.  As far as permission to use them in any program I think MS doesn't mind though you may want to read this before assuming so.  I haven't run into any problems using icons though I'm not a large entity and I give proper credits to those involved.

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    The Express toolbar icons are not stored in bitmap or icon resources that I've located so far... they have an alpha channel, for one, which is rather unusual in icon resources and next to impossible to store in a normal bitmap resource. I think they're either using the newfangled .NET resource format, or doing their own thing.

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    I've went through all the DLL's and Exe's that comes packaged with C# and .NET 2.0. I'm pretty sure they are not in the standard resource file. It's a shame, Microsoft doesn't grant developers the rights to use these icons from within the IDE. There should be some built in cosmetic's such as this, it would really go along way in standardizing the interfaces within programs. Which, in turn, would be nice...

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    When not found, there's always Alt-PrntScr and some time editing in photoshop. Smiley

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