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PivotTable in IE7b+OWC07b: beta^2 ?

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    Some time ago i have developed a system that use fuctionality of PivotTable component from OWC2003. I had tested it in IE5.5+, IE6 - all seems to work fine.

    In order to make the component interact with the XML data source the user have to set the security zone to "Trusted sites" (otherwise the Pivot drops with the "Query cannot be processed" msg), but it's OK for intranet.

    Now I'm testing the same data source and the same server code with OWC from Office 2007 beta in Internet Explorer 7 beta.
    The component doesn't work. The message "Query cannot be processed" is shown even in "Trusted" security zone.

    Q: is this a realworld security restrictions, or is it some mis-featuring of Betas?

    Thanks in advance.

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