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Automatic update unable to download updates

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    Hello from Bulgaria, my english is not good, but i think we will understand eachother.
    Here is the problem. I have it from 2 months -last update automaticaly download and istalled on 12 may  (i know it from microsoft update site log) When new update arrive from Microsoft, it shows yellow icon in my tray and it is 0%. After ~20sec it is still 0% and icon disapear! After few days i have to install manual from Microsoft update site- there download for few seconds (my net is fast, LAN) I do not know why that happens. From BG noone can help me. My Windows is not original, but MS do not know it - validations are not problem and whatesle from years. I remember before format i had sometimes these some kind of problems, i think. (not sure)

    No viruses on my system - online scan from panda, kaspersky, some antispyware progz.

    Firewall is Windows firewall. 


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    Well, your solution is contained in your problem. Just get an authentic Windows XP, available for purchase from Microsoft and your worries, in a manner of speech, will be gone.

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