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Deploying Server 2003 R2

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    Any real show stopping bugs? hows App compatibility?  Should I reimage the server I want to deploy it on?  Any tips at all?

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    Hmm, well, BlackBerry Enterprise Server does NOT play well with Exhchange SP2, or some of the latest patches for it.  I'm dreading when that gets upgraded...

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    Well, I got it deployed.  I had to re-image 1 of the servers because I was having all kinds of errors and problems after installation was done, Thankfully I had Backups prepped, the other 2 went without a hitch and are up and running.  To satisfy some of the questions I have recieved on "Didnt you test it"  Yes I did, I tested it thouroughly.  But anytime you take anything out of an experimental setting and roll it out into a production environment problems can surface.

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