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Windows domain logon combined with Novell

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    I am building a sharepoint portal in the middle of a novell 6.5 network. We have one exchange server which has its own domain. I added the sharepoint server to this domain, so that the login is sorted by the domaincontroller.

    Now the users connect to the sharepoint server and get a logindialog, which means they haven't been logged on to the windows domain. I checked and they should be logged on... at least if I have to believe the novell login.

    Anyone know what this could be?

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    I found a temporary work around. Create a shortcut to "C:\program files\internet explorer\iexplore.exe http://mscrm/" and check the "run under different references" in the advanced window on the general tab of the shortcut.

    When the users click the shortcut, they enter their username and password of the windows and off they go.

    It isn't something I would do normally, but it works and that's what counts in this case.

    Although I still wonder what could cause this weird behaviour....

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    Ok, problem solved!

    Changed de security settings for the intranet zone in IE and enabled 'Ask for username and password' in the logon section.

    Now the CRM server asks for a username and password. Everybody happy and I can continue solving other problems Big Smile

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