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VS.NET 2005 and SQL/e

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    I've intalled the SQL/e CTP on my machine, but when I try to setup a new data source to SQL/e with Visual Studio .NET 2005 (not an express edition), the native provider doesn't appears on the list.  The OleDB provider is listed but it doesn't allows to create a new DB.

    Does anyone got the same problem?


    PS: Just in case, SQL/e stands for SQL Server Everywhere.

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    What's SQL/e?

    Edit: Didn't read until the end of your post - sorry.

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    we are investigating the issue. can you pl let us know the steps you have followed?

    -Durga Gudipati, Microsoft

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    Thank you Durga...

    Well the steps were pretty simple.  I just downloaded the msi package from the MS site and installed it to the default location on C:\Program Files... And that was it.

    Later reviewing my install options for VS.NET 2005 I found out that I didn't install the Smart Device Programmability option for any of the languages.  I don't know if this has something to do.


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