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New media db

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    I need to re-build the media database our my job, the old web admin did it with access 2003 instead of the sql 2000 server we have on the backside. There are 2 packages 1 package has about 22 pages and the other package has 14, those pages where used for ordering that specific package. It was working fine until it was time to add new packages and then a error saying something to the effect of it be too many fields or somthing:@

    Anyway at this point it might as be well be re-done from scratch. The display page for each package needs to show

    Order Plan Package Name Space Price

    and the ordering page needs normal info name,address etc. how should i build the db?

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    while I agree that re-designing the DB might be a good idea for the future ... have you tried using the Upsize/Upscale (i forget the correct name) utility in Access 2003 to upsize the DB to sql2000 directly?.... this may save you some real time and headache and allow you to keep the current app online while reworking the DB.

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    I forgot about that. I will give it a shot and sql takes with me having to change anything.

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