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    long time since I have posted here but seeing that Jamie movie just inspired me to do so.

    I have to ask why you would want to launch a window from XBAP ? why not just launch a normal window from HTML and the host the XBAP content within that window.  From what I saw in the video it did not look like XBAP was ment to build applications in the sence that we see web applications. To me it seemed more like a competitor to something like Flash and is more in the order of presentation. While you could build a full on application I am sure, just as you could with Flash;I think its main idea would be to stay self contained, atleast thats what I got from the video. someone can correct me if I am wrong.

    You would just host the content within the XBAP; now one could I am sure see something like pop-up menus etc.. and maybe that would be self containted inside the XBAP iframe but I did not see anything that said it would load up a window or anything from the outside. just as flash does really.