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View Thread: Weird file system problem - access denied after moving files
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    nickbeentjes wrote:
    Hi - Have you found a fix ?
    I had exactly the same problem, but have now worked it out - difference was that mine was associated with an additional drive I have and have my documents pointing to the d: not the normal c:\doc and settin...blah

    If I moved any file on the D: hard drive I got the access denied - when looking at the files, all thier permissions had basically been stripped, but this was the default permissions on the D: root .... after copying the explicit permission set from the C: root to the D: root (you have do do it manually and in safe mode on XP Home) the problem then went away ....



    That is the fix.  NTFS partitions don't like being moved from machine to machine (or operating system to operating system), because of the way file security works in NTFS.  It's not broken, it's just an inherent issue when limiting file access to one particular user on one particular system.