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View Thread: Weird file system problem - access denied after moving files
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    I know this isn't a tech support forum (I'm going to ask this question on other forums too) but since I'm already a C9 member and there are many smart people who understand NTFS etc. around here I thought I'd ask.


    I have a strange problem with an NTFS formatted drive running XP PRO on which I am the only user so I'm assuming I'm always running as admin.
    I can Copy the Paste files and they still work fine but if I try to MOVE a file (by dragging it) the file will become inaccessible and I won't even be able to delete it unless I go into the command prompt and use the DEL command on it.

    For Example:
    XP gives me this error message if I try to delete the newly moved file
    Error Deleting File or Folder
    Cannot delete xxxxxxx: Access is denied.
    Make sure the disk is not full or write-protected
    and that the file is not currently in use

    The same thing happens if I try and rename it.

    This is what happened the day before I noticed this problem and is obviously what caused this whole mess.

    I have 2 harddrives, Primary Master has XP on it and Primary Slave has Vista Beta 2. My motherboard lets me chose which drive to boot from by pressing an F key before the OS boots so I didn't have to mess with boot loaders or partitioning.

    This weekend I booted into Vista and everything was very slow because last time I used it it went into hibernate mode and I couldn't un-hibernate so I rebooted back into XP and forgot about it.
    Heres' where everything started going wrong. Because it was so slow after resuming from hibernate I restarted to get Vista running back at normal speed and left the room and for some reason Checkdisk started running (unfortunately I wasn't there to stop it ) and I'm not sure which drive it was scanning but it first did
    "inserting and index entry into $0 of file 25" over and over again, then eventually
    "replacing invalid security id with default security id for file ......." for a very long time so I just stopped it, hoping it was just scanning the Vista drive because I don't care what happens to it. I wouldn't dare interrupting a Checkdisk on an important drive.

    I then restarted and skipped the Chkdsk for both drives and Vista was running OK again.
    I restarted back into XP and Chkdsk ran again. This time I decided to let it do it's thing on the XP drive. It took MANY hours and scanned every file doing the "replacing invalid security id with default security id" thing all over again.
    I wish Chkdsk would wait for the user to answer instead of just counting down and doing whatever it wants if nobody's around to stop it.

    Luckily XP started up fine again but the next day I noticed that annoying problem with losing access to any moved files.

    Is there something simple I can do that will let me move files again without fear of completely losing access to them?