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View Thread: Weird file system problem - access denied after moving files
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    prog_dotnet wrote:

    there are 3 things to know when copying/moving
    files on a ntfs partions/volume

    1. copy will create a new file and permissions
    to that file are inherited from the parent (root or folder )

    2. moving files on the same partion only updates the the reference
    to the objekt itself and the permissions are unchanged(internally)

    3. moving files on a different partion will copy the file to the new
    drive, (creating a new file)inheriting permissions set on the parent, and the old file are deleted.

    You made a move to the other drive, that is...a new file is created inheriting the parent permissions.

    You know, that's how I figured it works.
    That some good information prog_dotnet, thanks.

    The funny thing about this whole thread is that people are all assuming I have a problem with files moved over to the Vista drive when in fact I don't. I dont even have the Vista dirve plugged in at the moment. Big Smile