Mine is a somewhat related problem.  After failing to boot from my C drive, doing a low-level reformat, reloading WinXP (SP2), I am having a difficulty with my second hard drive.  The folder on it named "My Documents" cannot be access.  Clicking to open the file gives "F:\My Documents is not accessable.  Access is denied."

Properties for that folder indicate 0 files, although the total disk usage indicates the files in that folder are really still there.

I suspect a permissions problem as this folder had been set to be hidden from other users, and I am now probably an "other" user.

I should be able to take ownership, however the security tab does not show up.  I am logged in as the only use with administrator priviledges.

I have seen error messages hinting the the file may be "in use".

Does anyone have any sugegstion how I can proceed to gain access to my data?  Help!!!