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View Thread: Weird file system problem - access denied after moving files
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    CannotResolveSymbol wrote:
    I wouldn't do it to your whole user directory (it would take a long time, for one)...  this is just to fix files you've moved from one drive to the other.

    Well you see, it's not files that I've moved form one drive to another that are messed up. In fact, I don't have anything important that got messed up. It's just an annoyance that from now on this particular install of XP will not be able to use drag and drop to move anything in folders within the /dentaku/ folder because it will then lock me out them.

    I'm thinking of just making a new user account and seeing if it works while I'm logged in that way but at the moment I'm not going to mess with stuff like that in case it just causes more problems.
    I'll have to do that after there's nothing important being done on it.