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Cleansing my system.

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    I have a new PC, that I rushed to get up and running. I run Outlook for e-mail, but forgot to get the office updates (just the windows updates) before using it. You can guess what happened.

    But I got infected weeks after I started using the PC. I'd rather not wipe the drive and start over.

    Here's what I've run so far.
    AVG Anti-virus (This was running and first alerted me to my problem. It caught several things.)

    Windows Defender (Was running, but only cleaned a few items after I started it's scan process.)

    Spybot Search and Destroy


    I've also manually gone through:
    Add & Remove Programs
    Task Manager (and Process Explorer)

    In Internet Explorer, I looked at Manage Add-Ins. I disabled a few things. How can I remove them completely?

    I used Defender's Software Explorers to remove some start items.

    So, here's my questions:

    What have I missed? Any other/better software out there?

    How can I remove Add-Ins from Internet Explorer's list of Add Ins? (Uninstall/Delete)

    I'm trying to learn from this also. So, if it looks like I'm taking the long/wrong way, please, educate me.

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    If you've gotten rid of everything according to the scanners you're running and according to Task Manager and msconfig, I'd run Rootkit Revealer to make sure you don't have anything hiding on your system.  If that comes up clean, you're PROBABLY clean.  Of course, the only way you can know you're clean is to wipe and reinstall, and I probably would avoid doing any sensitive work on the machine unless I reinstalled Windows.

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    Grab a copy of SpyWare Blaster. It install a regularly updated set of kill bits for both IE and Firefox and installs a list of sites to block (known adware/badware purveyors). Free from JavaCool:

    They also make a cool tool called EULAlyizer which parses most EULAs and highlights passages you should probably understand before clicking "OK".

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