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View Thread: Which OOP books would you recommend to read, to better understand the concept?
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    Thanks for the fast responses.

    First gonna order and read code complete first, because that was already on my books to read list Smiley (They also pointed to this book from the MCTS 70-536 training kit book.)

    Gonna look for Ivor Horton's book on beginning C++ at my schools libary when the summer vacation is over, because they don't sell it on dutch bookstores anymore.

    I've seen the Head First Design Patterns book, well the cover. Didn't had a good feeling about it, it gave me this DHTML for dummies feeling, because the image on the front. Gonna check it out in a bookstore.

    Placed Craig Larman: Applying UML and Patterns, Martin Fowler's Refactoring, Kerievsky's Refactoring to Patterns, Analysis Patterns on my books to read list.

    Got enough books to get true the vacation period Cool